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Top 10 HR Consulting Companies – 2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic has overhauled numerous pre-existing workplace norms while changing the way we work, it has prompted a series of HR trends to which the entire human resources department must respond in a coordinated manner. This is also driving HR leaders to reshape their preconceived ideas on identifying, attracting, and retaining critical resources, which act as key driving forces behind a company’s business performance.

Owing to the most transformative period in the history of HR services, the global Human Resources Consulting Services market is forecasted to reach USD 49950 million in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.5 percent over the analysis period. One of the key factors behind this phenomenal growth is the increased adoption of data-driven insights on employee surveys that have become an influential tool to gauge the pulse of an organization. Several HR consulting firms are analyzing employee data to give actionable insights meant for the betterment of the workforce. Meanwhile, along with expectations of greater empathy and a more human work environment, there is increasing pressure to improve equity and inclusion within organizations. This is where HR consulting firms play a critical role in offering behavioral assessment programs to help business leaders maintain a more diverse and inclusive environment within their organization.

On that note, this edition of Manage HR highlights the hottest developments in the HR industry that are transforming workspaces by leaps and bounds. It features thought leadership articles from Ryan McCrea, VP, Manager of Talent Development at Commerce Bank and Alicia Arganza, Director, Enterprise Leadership Development at Capital One, who respectively speak about promoting employee interactions using collaboration platforms and adopting a growth-based mindset to transform organizational culture and improve business outcomes.

Along with these critical insights from industry experts, the edition sheds light on the most promising HR consulting companies like Elevate, Gig Talent, HR Advantage, and People Solutions NOW that are broadening the scope of HR consulting services with their specialized methodologies and unique approaches to workplace policies.

We hope this edition will help you find the right HR consulting service company that will empower you to incorporate industry best practices to help your company compete and grow.

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    Top HR Consulting Companies

  • PeopleSolutionsNOW is a HR and organizational effectiveness consulting firm

  • Elevate is a leading organization developing and delivering customized services with emphasis on leadership development, soft skill development, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and implicit bias reduction for corporate organizations

  • Gig Talent is a modern talent collective that helps organizations leverage highly skilled HR consultants and leadership coaches for their interim and project-based initiatives. The company is founded on the philosophy of enabling consultants and coaches to “love what they do and do what they love.” As more talented and successful individuals opt to work in the gig economy, Gig Talent has successfully aligned itself with the changing tides and partnered with this ever-growing workforce. The company ensures that all its consultants are vetted and have a thorough background check along with extensive compliance training. Being a GigTalent Certified consultant is the gold standard for HR consultants and coaches. This unique certification assures clients that they can leverage the expertise of qualified consultants to meet their business needs.

  • Since its inception over a decade ago, HR Advantage has been driven by the mission to become the go-to HR partner for businesses. The company’s team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals goes beyond the traditional cookie-cutter approach to help visionary business leaders accelerate their individual, team, and organizational development efforts.

  • Bain & Company

    Bain & Company

    Bain & Company is a management consulting firm that provides solutions on change in management, strategies, and technology

  • Baker HR

    Baker HR

    Baker HR provides results-focused human resources outsourcing services, professional recruiting services, as well as additional HR solutions to reduce HR costs and create more successful, productive, and high performance organizations

  • Bambee


    Bambee is a platform offering an affordable solution to small and medium-sized businesses for hiring HR managers

  • Blake Rian Consulting

    Blake Rian Consulting

    Blake Rian Consulting offers unparalleled Hiring services to place the right people with the right companies

  • Employers Advantage

    Employers Advantage

    Employers Advantage HR Company provides practical & effective HR solutions for small businesses in almost every industry

  • Mercer


    Mercer is a human resource consulting service that includes compensation, employee benefits, communications, and investment consulting

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